Management & Recycling

- Complete recovery program
offered to office buildings;
industrial or commercial.

- Free, no obligation,
evaluation of profitability within your  MOREGREENtm program.


- Development & implementation
of the environmental solution plan adapted specifically to your needs.

- Training your staff 

on the premises. 

- Waste reduction costs

 and increase in income.


- Purchase of all kinds of 

plastics and styrofoam. 

- Purchase of paper and cardboard in bulk or in bundles.

- Roll-Off services from 20
to 40 cu-yds and all types of containers.

- Installation of equipment

( Press or compactor cardboard or waste.)


- Equipment and supplies 
(Financing, Leasing, Installation and Maintenance)


according to your availability.


Disposal & Shredding

We guarantee total confidentiality of your documents/


- Confidential work environment

- Confidentiality and destruction form


- Closed off trucks for privacy

- High speed shredder


- Lock on paper containers in the workplace


Loyalty program


no implementation or admissions fees. 


Direct reductions of the cost related
to the removal or your waste. 


Rebates payable each month on
several types of recyclable materials
ranging from 35.00 t.m. and 425.00 t.m.

30% TO 60%

Service fee reduction ranging from 30 to 60% of waste management or recyclables cost. 

Savings for your business


Report & Analysis

Follow your
savings through monthly reports

CENTRAL WASTE PAPER will update you on a monthly basis.

The client will receive a detailed report of material collected, which will reflect the price paid for your materials.

This report will give you information to help you keep track of your recycling habits. By choosing CENTRAL WASTE PAPER,  you will understand that our goal is clear.  

Our integrity and transparency is the foundation of our company.

We want all of our customers to be proud to do business with us.  Our courteous and reliable service consists of 24/7 availability as well as administrative and technical management for recovery processing. This allows us to offer the best service as well as the best price in our industry.


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